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Aventures: Shinddha Kory by RenOokami Aventures: Shinddha Kory by RenOokami
Ah Aventures, if you understand french (or are searching for good french video on youtube to get used to listen to this language) and are interested in "traditional" roleplay (D&D style), this series is made for you ! This show's concept is simple, 4 players and a game master playing on Roll20 in an original universe.

We are spectators of their journey, their "Aventure".
The show is divided in two formats, the main series (now to its 2nd season, but still 1st campaign) and the Live sessions on Dailymotion_Game, where the viewers can vote at key parts of the story to trigger random events and help/annoy the players.

Lead by the masterful Mahyar as GM, the original team is composed by:
the Paladin-Inquisitor Theo (Fred, aka the "Joueur du Grenier")
Shin the Archer and half-Elemental of water (Seb, also from Grenier's team and the "Bazar du Grenier" channel)
A Pyromage with a long name...Bob (player's also named Bob aka "Bob Lennon" from "Fanta Bob Games")
And a Mechanist dwarf, Grunlek, who have a metal arm. (Krayn from "Looking for Games" and his personal Twitch channel)


Ok, that is the generals info, for the curious who wonder from what series this character come from.
The sprite design is based on the official illustrations what appear in the series, drawn by :iconsorina-chan: and is 128x128 pixels wide. There is the "realistic" palette inspired by the player's Character form reference, and a "Blue" alternative palette, because it is the player's color in the show.

Conserning the details, I did my best to keep all I could from the mask pattern and tatto to the boots shape, while respecting the "15 colors + Background" limitation like if it was an actual game sprite. So, I will without any shame blame my mistakes on the fact the designs evolved with the series. Mystery of Shinddha's missing glove, solved ! ;p

Special thanks to :iconsyccas-stock: for their archer references, it really helped for the leg/foot pose.

Main reference (body)
Main reference (upper)
Bonus reference (still really useful in its own way !)
Details (tatto and mask)(the mask's pattern was not definitive in the first pics, so I went for this one instead)
Pose reference (Nothing is better to visualise bodies limitations, and keep a realistic feel, than real photos.)

Do not use without my permission or claim the sprite version as your own.
(Note that the sprite may evolve if I complete its animation, this is a sample version)

Bob, you're next ! Or Maybe Grunlek, Grunlek is a good character too.
Sorina-chan Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015   Digital Artist
Le bleu lui va super bien ! Joli travail ! :D
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October 11, 2015
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